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Foam Technical Information

Foam comes in a wide variety of density and IFD (Identification Force Deflection), colors, and specifications. Our staff can help you determine the right foam density and specifications to meet your needs.

Density - Affects foam durability & support. Typically the higher the density the better the foam. A higher density foam will retain its original properties and provide the support and comfort it was originally designed to have. Densities range from 1.0 lb per cubic feet to 5lbs per cubic feet.

IFD-Indentation Force Deflection is a measurement of foam firmness. Foam can have a high density and be soft, or have a low density and be firm, depending on the IFD specifications. IFD range from 10 to over 100.

Seat Cushions-Density should be 1.8 - 2.5 with an IFD of 21 to 65.

Medium Grade Seating- A 1.8 density. An IFD of 21 for super soft. 33-36 IFD for medium seat. 45-50 for a firm seat.

High Density Seating- A 2.5 density. 35-38 IFD for a medium seat. 45-50 IFD for a firm seat. 60-65 IFD for a firm seat or orthopedic seat.

Backs- A 1.8 density. 21-25 IFD for a soft back. 33-36 IFD for a firm back.

In most cases we can meet or exceed any need in this range. We recommend wrapping foam with Dacron batting to prevent excessive edge wear and "creeping" of corners.

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